Fitness Class

Fitness Class

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Date(s) - 31/10/2017
9:15 am - 10:00 am

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Fitness Classes are on Monday and Wednesday from 6:45 PM- 7:30 PM.

Morning Class Available on Tuesday 9:15 AM- 10:00AM

Classes may be purchased through our web site.

Here is why you should come join us:

*Jumping on a trampoline can enhance coordination, strength, flexibility, timing, and balance.
*You can burn up to 1000 calories in just an hour of jumping.
*Jumping for 10 mins on a trampoline burns as much calories as jogging for 30 mins
*It has been known to be one of the most efficient and effective forms of exercise.
*Exercising on a trampoline is low-impact and can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. (A low- impact exercise is one that is gentile on your joints). Since bouncing on a trampoline creates a constant shifting center of gravity, it causes people to respond quickly to adjust their position and bilateral movements which is known to improve co-ordination and balance.
Because your muscles have to resist against the changing force of gravity as you bounce, they are forced to work harder. This is also known as REBOUNDING.
*The act of rebounding on a trampoline stimulates internal organs and promotes lymphatic circulation, which pushes toxins out of the cells allowing nutrients in. (this is great for your body and strengthening your immune system)
*It can reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
*Jumping targets your core muscles and can help with toning and conditioning your abdomen, legs, and thighs.

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